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The Fourth (Occasional) Teeny Tiny Two-Day Twosome Tournaments NASPA (Tucson, AZ)
May 31/June 1, 2014
One-Day Tournaments
Saturday May 31, 2014
TWL Entrants
CSW Entrants
Sunday June 1, 2014
TWL Entrants
CSW Entrants

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TUCSON SCRABBLE is now on Facebook. Check us out !!!
The Tucson Scrabble Facebook Page

Continuing news:

Northwest Scrabble Club Morphs into Sunday Afternoon Scrabble Club, Adds New Venues Around Tucson!!

The club will meet at various locations around the city of Tucson on a loosely woven and variable schedule.

The next four sessions will meet at the following locations on Sunday Afternoons from 1 PM to 7 PM (unless otherwise noted):

April 20 NORTHWEST at the home of Ed Saunders, 223 W Weisshorn St in Oro Valley. Phone (520) 575 - 6734

April 27 To Be Determined

May 4 CENTRAL at Bookmans on Grant Road from 4:15 to 9:00 PM in the Community Room, 1930 E. Grant Road in Tucson. Call Ed at (520) 575 - 6734 for details.

May 11 To Be Determined

Call Ed at (520) 575 - 6734 for further info or to host a future club session in your area.

Continuing news:

Next Sanctioned NASPA Tournament In Tucson: May 31/June 1, 2014

The Fourth (OCCASIONAL) Teeny Tiny Two-Day Twosome Tournament - Two Separate 8 game Tournaments with Ed Saunders Directing.
Both TWL and Collins Divisions available. See "Regional Tournaments" above in right side menu for info.

Continuing news:

Tucsonscrabble.com has added printable scoresheets to our leftside menu. Click on "Printable Scoresheets" located directly under our "New Players Section" to access pdfs for a variety of eight printable scoresheets for you to print and use in your games.

Continuing news:

Tucsonscrabble.com has launched two pages for local players who are looking for a game. Please consider adding your name. The more names, the better the chances of locating a new Scrabble-playing friend.

The first is The Tucson Scrabble Contact List, a simple online public listing of local players who are interested in finding other local players who like to play their favorite game. Players are listed by the general area of residence with their phone numbers and/or email addresses. If you want to find a playing partner, check this list. If you want a playing partner to find you. . . .contact us and add your name.

The second is The Tucson Scrabble Registry, a similar but separate and private listing maintained offline for those people who are more protective of their contact info. Full details of the rules for contacting players on this Registry are posted on this page.

If you are interested in having your name added to either of these lists, please give Ed a call at (520) 575 - 6734 or drop him an email at edwords@comcast.net

Continuing News:
Independent Online Scrabble Newsletter "The Last Word" (edited by Scrabble luminary Cornelia Guest and, might I add, well worth the read. . . .) now has a link on TucsonScrabbleDotCom.
Cornelia Guest's fabulous independent Scrabble newsletter "The Last Word" is now available online. Scrabble features, news, tournament info, challenges, tips, etc., etc. It's all here in an easy to navigate format that will keep you occupied and interested for hours if you let it. You can find our regular links in the "Links" section (under "Online Scrabble Resources) on the left-side menu or the "Online Scrabble Newsletters" section on the right-side menu. For now, click here.

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